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From a young age, my fascination with filmmaking took hold. Armed with my dad's old camcorder, I would eagerly pen scripts and coerce my friends into reluctantly playing their parts. Little did they know, those early antics would shape my path.


With a clear ambition, I made the decision to pursue a degree in filmmaking at university, and graduated this summer. Throughout my time at university, I have delved into an array of creative projects - from experimental edits utilising archive footage to concise documentaries and everything inbetween, I have explored many different ways of filmmaking. I am especially interested in telling real and authentic stories that bridge the gap between narrative and documentary cinema.

In April 2022, my professional journey took flight as I landed an internship at Brickhouse Media GROUP. It was here that I refined my craft and honed my skills in writing, directing, camerawork, and editing on a commercial scale. I was then promoted to a Junior Creative a year later, and have spent this time further refining these skills and my areas of interest.

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